Overview of HealthFirst

Dr.Nipesh B. Patel : Senior - Consulting Ayurvedic Physician and Panchkarma Specialist, 24 Years Experience.

50 Years Medical Background

His father Late Dr. Bhagwanjibhai G. Patel was Senior Medical Officer, in Civil Hospital, Bhavnagar - Government of Gujarat. He had done his job best level 'Service to Humanity' upto his retirement.

Aim of Health First Service : is "HEALTH AWARENESS"

Now a days, So many Pathies and Doctors, Hospitals and Medical Research Centres, Drugs and Pharma Industies, Health and Nutraceutical Products are in India and around the World...! But Diseases are still no stop (we can say like that there is no end !) Some diseases are very good controlled, In some very good result, some cure, some uncure, some dangerous and some new developed. Its all are because of, Our 1) Irregular Life Style 2) Bad Food Habits 3) Negative Stress. After all, We are responsible for own HEALTH.

More than 80% Diseases are self created (Welcome Disease) ! By known or unknown way… So, ‘ PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE ’ Advance Health Awareness is most Important in present scenario to be Happy always.

Diseases are our enemy, They disturb our Happiness by physically, mentally, spiritually, socially and financially. Nobody wants any type of Disease in the Life. Be Healthy and Happy always. Now a days, majority every home has patient. So Bad News. Too much fund is lost by illness. Think, Illness towards Wellenss and Wellness towards Happiness.

What is the best Taste or Health??? Our priority is Health. Say always ‘Health First’ Just start from TODAY, NOW OR NEVER..! So Health Awareness is Most Important in our life, every Human Being. And by that way, We can SAVE The LIFE.

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